Just getting started on MicroBiz Cloud? Here's are the basic settings and set ups to go through.

  •  Review training videos - especially front register tasks like returns, exchanges,split tenders.

  • Learn about setting up Sales Tax - rates,rule and customer and product tax classes.

  • Set your store addresses, time zones and currency settings.

  • Modify the receipt template to match your needs and add a logo.

  • Add additional users - so everyone has a log in name and password (no worries - they're all free).

  • Speed up your register by adding handy buttons to your Quick Pick Panel for commonly sold goods and services.

  • Add suppliers and distributors if you plan on logging in vendor shipments to update your inventory.

  • Organize your Categories! They're important groupings of activities.

  • Did you sync your data from Magento? You products might not have cost, supplier or UPC attached - you may want to add these by hand or import these values.