Important Setup Notes and Instructions for Tax Inclusive Customers

  • To enable Tax Inclusive pricing on your instance, navigate to Settings >> Admin Settings >> General Settings >> Company >>Use Tax Inclusive Pricing and set this option to yes as shown in the screenshot below. Continue to select a default tax store as well. The default tax store will be the tax inclusive rate shown on the Product General Tab. Store specific rates and prices will show on the prices tab.


  • From here, navigate to System >> Manage Stores >> Your store >> Store Preferences >> Store Prices and set the option here from Tax Exclusive to Tax Inclusive as shown below.

  • Make sure to add "Show Tax Inclusive Prices" to your Receipt Template!

  • It is important to also check Linked Apps >> Magento API Settings >> Sync Rules tab. On the bottom right it should show your web site prices are tax inclusive (if it doesn’t email support)

  • Please note most reports still show tax exclusive prices.