In store and on-line prices are a big subject - here are the highlights of your pricing options and flexibility in MicroBiz Cloud.

Store Level Pricing

When you create a new product if you have more than on store - initial all prices get set the same when you set the cost and price in the product General Tab.

If all your stores are the same price - you're done.

Creating a New Product and changing Prices by Store

If all your stores do not have the same price:

  • click on the Pricing Tab

  • Select the stores to change and click the edit tab

  • Enter the price for store 

  • Don't forget to save the product when you are done editing the product.

Setting the Price on the Web Site

If your web store has a different price from your MicroBiz stores

  • Click on the Web Tab

  • Set the Web Price

  • Don't forget to save the product when you are done editing the product.


New Products Initial Sync MicroBiz <- Magento

When creating products in Magento to set the MicroBiz Price (this will be for all MicroBiz stores) 

  • Go to the Prices Tab

  • Set the Store Price - this will set all MicroBiz stores to this price.

  • Changing this price after the initial sync will not update your store prices.

Magento Special Price

The Special Price in the Prices tab does nothing in MicroBiz that is a Magento only field it will sync to Magento and set a sale price on the web site.

Setting the Special Price in Magento does not effect MicroBiz prices in any way.


Promotions are generally special prices that have begin and end dates  Promotions let you select from dollar and percent discounts and new price to set sale pricing. The setup is easy and you can define which customers, which items, which stores and which days to which and on which the sale price applies.

You can create new promotions from Store Operations  >> Promotions

You can add items to existing promotions from the Product Pricing Tab

Customer Pricing

This module provides special pricing based on customer type.Key features include

  • The special price can be set at the product level.

  • To make data entry easier you can set up a default discount rate in Manage POS Customer Types for each main category for Inventory and Non-Inventory products. New products will automatically get the customer pricing assigned. This can be activated for each customer type individually.

  • You can create as many POS Customer types as you like such as one for wholesale customers, employees, loyalty club members and so forth.

Types of Pricing 

  • % Discount - percent off retail price.

  • $ Discount - amount off retail price

  • New Price - enter the customer price directly

  • Cost Plus $ - it will add this amount to the replacement cost

  • Cost Plus % - it will charge replacement cost plus this percent of replacement cost - so a replacement cost of $50.00 with cost plus 10% will charge $55.00 to this customer type.

The most common uses for this feature:

  • Wholesale Pricing - create a customer type for wholesale buyers like 'Wholesale', 'Contractor' and so forth. Any customers with this customer type will get this pricing.

  • Member Pricing - memberships like museums, sports leagues, loyalty programs can be given special; pricing in this way.

  • Employee Pricing - create your employees as customers and assign them to a customer type to provide special pricing

Front Register Discounts

  • Click/touch the line or lines on the receipt to discount.

  • From the Action Menu >> Items Panel Click Discount Item.

  • Enter a %off, $off or New Price. The new price is the total package price for all lines selected.

There are settings that effect Front Register Discounts:

Store Operations >> System >> Admin Settings >> Register >> Discounts settings apply:

  • Allow Discounts (Yes/No) this feature is disabled if discounts are set to No. All sale prices will have to be defined using the promotions feature.

  • Allow discounts on items already on sale (promotional pricing) (Yes/No). Discounts will not be allowed on items already on a promotion.

  • Maximum Register Discount % (1-99) limits the discount the clerk can apply. This % off does not take into count any promotional pricing that may apply.

  • Default Discount Reason - defaults the selected 'reason for discount' in the discount pop up.

  • Catalog >> Manage Product >> Settings Tab 'Do Not Discount' Icon will appear to right of item in Item Grid indicating the clerk may not discount this item. This setting will also prevent the item from being added to a promotion.

Tier Pricing

Provide quantity pricing discounts on orders and at the register. The tier is a x or more type discount so you can create 3 or more, 12 or more, 24 or more type pricing. This is a single SKU price break and the all the items must be on the same line of the order or receipt.  

  • click on the Pricing Tab and then Multi Buy Tab

  • Select Tier Pricing and Click [+] button to add a tier

  • Set the tier pricing

  • Don't forget to save the product when you are done editing the product.

Changing Prices from Purchase Order or Supplier Shipments

You can also edit the cost and price of an item from Purchases Orders and Supplier Shipments. Changes to prices, here will only effect the store the purchase order or supplier shipment is for. You also have to check the change product check box after editing the price.