The Store Operations Sales menu contains back office access to Work Orders and Orders in Progress as well as tools to manage sales tax, gift cards, delivery zones, service windows, register close outs, discount reason codes, store credits and 'held' register transactions. 

  • Manage Orders - You can update and review work orders & orders in progress from store operations so you don't have to use the register to add notes, update the status, create work orders, update part stock status anything except taking or refunding payments can be done in the back office version of orders.

  • Manage Sales Tax - Create and maintain customer & product tax classes, tax rates and tax rules.

  • Manage Delivery/Pickup Options - Lets you create and maintain service windows (time slots clerks or customers can assign to deliveries or in store pickups) and delivery zones - city/zip code locations and schedules for delivery.

  • Manage Sales Transactions - Lets you review all completed sales and returns

  • Manage Held Transactions - Provides simple way to delete old holds and review holds from the back office.

  • Gift Cards - Create and maintain gift cards and gift card ranges, cancel and replace stolen or lost gift cards, generate gift card pins, import/export gift cards.

  • Manage Discount Reasons - Create and maintain front register discount reason codes.

  • Manage Register Batches - Reprint close out reports, enter final cash drawer count on quick closeouts and review all register close outs.