MicroBiz Magneto Sync Limitations

  •  Attributes, Attribute Sets and Categories do not sync in either direction. Categories, attributes and attribute sets must be imported from Magento using the import function*.

  • Products created in MicroBiz must use attributes and attribute sets created in Magento. Products created in MicroBiz with the inventory and non-inventory attribute sets do not sync to Magneto

  •  When you make customers in MicroBiz  if you want them to get added to the Magento web site they need the country, phone, email fields filled in or Magento will reject them. (we’ll add a little warning on MicroBiz ‘new’ Customer screen for this soon)

  • There may be a delay of 5-15 minutes between the time you create a product or customer in MicroBiz or Magento and the time it syncs between both applications.

  • If you change the store name in MicroBiz  that change does not sync to Magento order ship screen where you select stores to ship from. (ask us and we'll update it for you)

  • Only Sales created on the Sales Order Shipment screen in Magento will update the MicroBiz inventory.  Shipping the order from other Magento menus does not yet generate a sync message to MicroBiz.

  • Magento sales only update the Microbiz inventory once they are shipped.

  • Magento shipments do not yet show up as MicroBiz sales only as reductions to inventory. (coming soon)


* Store Operations >> Linked Apps >> Magneto Import

version 0.7 2014-4-15