Today’s Code Update

Many of you have been waiting for customer pricing and now you’ve got it.

  • Customer Pricing – you can now set up pricing for specific POS Customer Types like wholesale, employees, any kind of membership or team league. With Cost Plus % and Cost plus $, Discount %, Discount $ and New Price options you should have no trouble handling wholesale, employee and special account pricing of all types. You can even set defaults so new products get customer pricing automatically.

  • Tier Pricing – Provide quantity pricing discounts on orders and at the register. The product pricing tab also contains the first multi-buy option so you can provide 10 or more 20 or more type pricing tiers.

  • Simplified User Roles – Clearer labels and more intuitive organization of user permissions.

  • iPad IP Printer support for closeout reports.

  • Unlock Register – We’ve made it easier to know when another cashier has left the register locked and easier to unlock it!

  • Change Due now displays after the drawer opens

  • Security Updates – fixed an issue with SSL certificate chains that was causing Firefox and Android browsers to warn users our site was not safe.

  • Security Update POODLE Exploit - Removed SSLv3 from our servers

Bug Fixes

  • Prompt for Open Drawer Balance does not always display

  • Deposit Info Missing from Z Report

  • Over/Short Missing from Register Close Out

  • Reprint Z-Report fixed

  • Inventory by Category Report unassigned products incorrectly grouped

Coming Next

  • Import Tools

  • Tax Inclusive Pricing


You can open a support ticket from anywhere in MicroBiz and include a screenshot of what you’re working on. Click the user icon on the top right of the screen and click Customer Support [?]