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Adjustments to Inventory can be used to change the stock balance for items either up or down.  Your system comes with 2 default adjustment reasons; increase or decrease inventory. You can add more adjustment reasons to track activities specific to your business such as adjustments for charities, donations, consumption, waste, etc.

To begin, we need to navigate to “Inventory”>”Adjustments to Inventory” as shown below.

To create a new adjustment we need to click on “New Adjustment” at the top right hand corner. We now need to select which store the adjustment will be affecting. Chose the store you want to adjust stock in and then the reason code, which if you are still using the default will either be “Add Stock (+)” or “Reduce Stock (-)”.

*Important: Keep in mind that this is only increasing or decreasing from the CURRENT stock of the item.  The quantity that you put in is the amount by which you increase or decrease from the current stock. The quantity you put in is NOT the new stock balance the item will have. Example: If I have a quantity of 5 for Red Shoes and I need 2 more, I do not put in the number “7” for quantity, I only put in the number “2” to add 2 more.

Once you have chosen the store and reason code, we can then head over to the “Item Details” area.  Here you can scan in products, import a product list via .csv, find items via the search, or create new items entirely to add to the adjustment. Once you have added in all items you need, simple click “Save” and your adjustment has been completed.