Inventory Overview


Inventory provides you the ability to receive supplier & distributor shipments, track supplier and distributor orders and adjust your inventory levels. 

Settings That Affect This

Store Operations >> System >> Admin Settings >> Purchase Order/Supplier Settings

  • Default Start Ship Today plus(days) 

  • Default Cancel Start Ship plus(days)

  • Default Ship Via

  • Default Order Placed Via

  • Default Expected Start Ship plus

  • Default PO Terms

Catalog >> Manage Suppliers >> Supplier Settings

  • Minimum Order - dollar amount minimum supplier order.

  • Default Payment Terms

  • Submit Order Via

  • Supplier Expected Date Default (estimate arrival date)

  • This Supplier is a Distributor - setting a supplier as a distributor means any item in your MicroBiz system can be ordered from this supplier. (if you want to restrict this see alternate suppliers below).

Catalog >> Manage Products >> Product Settings/Alternate ID's

  •  Minimum Supplier Order Qty - for that item minimum qty that can be ordered.

  •  Discontinued - item can be sold,shipments received and so forth but can no longer be placed on a new purchase order.

  • Alternate Supplier - enter alternate suppliers from which item can be ordered or received. Optional alternate price and item ID can be entered as well.