Taking an in Store Return of a Web Site Purchase.

Add the items to a new receipt in any store as if it were a normal sale.

Select the items to return and use Action Menu >> Items >> Return Items 

Add any additional items you wish to sell on transaction – if this is an exchange add the replacement item to the transaction.

Click Refund (or Pay if there are more purchases than returns – if this is an exact exchange the pay button will simply say ‘Save’ as no monies are exchanged). 

Select the manner of refund (cash, store credit, credit card, check, back office).

Settings that Effect This

  • In MicroBiz Store Operations >> System >> Manage Users & Roles >> Manage Users >>Edit Users the clerk must have Return Item without Referencing Sale Transaction selected.

  • If you are using integrated charge there are gateway security settings that prevent you do a return without referencing the original sale. You must contact your Merchant Services representative to have this turned off if you wish to be able to return web purchases in this manner. Alternatively you could manually log into your web site merchant account and issue the credit card refund in which case use ‘Back Office’ as the payment method of the refund in MicroBiz.