Today’s Code Update

Today we pushed the first update of 2015. The push included updates to MicroBiz and to your MicroBiz Magento plugin.


  • The default Inventory attribute set can now be synced to Magento.

  • We have fixed an issue caused by changing attribute option names that caused problems with the Magento attribute assignments.

  • We have added additional improvements to record locking to prevent the duplicate receipt id caused by wireless network latency issues.

  • We have fixed an issue caused by editing categories in Magento changing the main category assignments in MicroBiz.

  • We have fixed an issue with CSV export of inventory by item report not showing simple items when option is selected.

  • MicroBiz attribute options now have both an admin and default label. This is another step toward matrix data entry for soft-goods retailers.

  • Corrected an issue with adding simple variants to existing configurable products

  • Added checks to sync status for products and attribute sets – this is a continuing project in making the sync more robust and to make any sync errors easy to spot should they occur.

  • In edit Product under more options we added links to jump to the Magento front end product page and the admin edit product screen.

  • Prompt for Price items now show entire sale values as GP($) previously it was showing 0.00 GP($).

  • Changes to support sync of web orders in currencies other than the MicroBiz base currency.

  • Fixed an issue in Magento Linked App settings when users select and deselect stores to include in the Magento inventory.

  • Fixed an issue deleting items from a draft PO.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to save an adjustment while it was still importing in the background.

  • Fixed a scrolling issue in Supplier shipments and Purchase Orders item grid.

  • Import Supplier – first version of import suppliers is available from the Manage Suppliers screen.

  • Import Brand – first version of import suppliers is available from the Manage Brands screen.

  • First versions of store credit and gift card imports are available – contact support for assistance with these features until documentation is available.

  • Improvements to import Purchase Order, Supplier Shipment, Transfers and Adjustments.

  • Improvements and fixes to import Customers.


Coming Soon

  • Import products is in testing and being documented

  • Bulk Changes to Products using Manage Product Grid.

  • Tax Inclusive Pricing

  • Additional Magento field sync support for cost, upc, brand and supplier


Magento Server Access

If we were not able to access your server to update your plug in for you we will send you the new plugin sometime later today with instructions for you to install.

Asia/Pacific Customers

These updates will get pushed to Pacific Server Group Monday Night – February 2nd