In one the latest update Google Chrome browser removed the option to automatically run flash files (.SWF) and currently tutorials can NOT be opened through Google Chrome. In order to use tutorials at this moment we're suggest you to use Mozilla Firefox browser.

Basic Sale


  • Add Items - scan, enter item id of any sort or use the quick pick panel to add items to your transaction. Promotional pricing is applied automatically if an item qualifies. 
  • (optional) Add customer 
  • (optional) Apply Discounts or package prices.
  • Take Payment - click pay and select a payment type.

Other Ways of Doing This

  • You can Add the customer before or after or during the adding of items.

Settings That Affect This

  • Quick Pick Panel Settings in Product Records
  • Store Operations >> System >> Manage Registers contains the list of valid payment types for a given register. Some payment types can be disabled for instance if a certain register does not take credit cards or cash.