To enable use of your MicroBiz gift cards on your Magento site you'll need to set a few options in the Magento Admin panel. The Magento cart will contact your MicroBiz instance an the next available gift card will be locked and added to the cart. Once the order is invoiced in shipped in Magento the card becomes active.

MicroBiz Gift Cards are completely integrated - real time gift cards that you can set to work wherever you want - your stores, your web sites, phone orders, pop up stores. Because they are real time you are secure in knowing every use instantly updates the card balance - and there are no fees associated with MicroBiz gift cards. 


  • MicroBiz - set up a Gift Card Range with pins - pins are needed on line for security. You can create a range and generate the pins and send them to your printer to have gift cards printed or you can import your gift card numbers and pins after your printer sends them to you.


  • Magento - Admin >> MicroBiz >> Configuration 

  • Allow your customers to pay with gift cards: 

    • Enable Gift Card Redemption in Payment Method

  • To Sell Gift Cards on Your Web Site:

    • Enable Sell Gift Cards on Site - to allow customers to buy gift cards

    • Fill in the Gift Card Header 'Buy Gift Cards' or something like that

    • Add an image of your Gift Cards

    • Add some snippet text.

    • Your web developer can customize the look of the snippet - but it will inherit from your theme.

  • Save!

  • Magento Admin - Catalog find product with name like 'Gift' change the product name from MicroBiz Gift Card to whatever you like such as 'Your Store Gift Card'

What Your Customer Sees

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Using a Card at Checkout