Report Settings & Filters

The report can be run for any combination of stores and registers for any date range.

Running the Report

  • Select Stores and Registers
  • Select Dates
  • Click Run Report

Other Options

Export PDF button will let you save the report to a PDF file.


The Hourly report gives you insight to your busiest and most profitable hours in your store. Use it to assist in staffing levels.

  • Time - hour of the day being reported on ..e.g. 10 is 10 am - 10:59 am, 16 is 4pm - 4:59pm or 16:00 to 16:59.
  • Transactions - number of receipts rung in the hour
  • Items - number of items (net) sold in the hour.
  • Sales ($) - total tax exclusive net sales in the hour. 
  • Average Transaction - average size of a transaction in the hour Sales ($) / Transactions
  • Markdowns ($) - total markdowns taken in the hour - includes promotions and discounts.