Set Up

The Start TSP650II WebPrint printer is a printer that you will utilize in connection with a wireless device such as an iPad. To begin setting this printer up, you need to plug the power cord into it proper location in the back of the printer and into the wall.  Do not turn on the printer just yet.  If it turns on automatically, do not worry, there is a switch located on the left side of the printer to turn off the power.  Do so if it is presently turned on.  From here, we need to plug in the “Ethernet Cable” into the 2nd open port on the printer and plug this into any “LAN Port” on our Router (The same router that your iPad/device will be connected to) as shown below.

Once you have completed this task, we need to collect the printer’s IP address. To do so, you need to hold the “Feed” button down as shown below and turn the printer on while holding the “Feed” button.

After doing so, two receipts will print out.  Once the first one starts to print, you can let go of the “Feed” button. It does take some time for the 2nd receipt to print so do not worry if it doesn’t print immediately. The 2nd receipt will have several addresses at the bottom as shown below.

The circled IP address is the one we need to set the printer up for WebPrint with MicroBiz. In order to do so, we must navigate to “System”>”Manage Registers” in our MicroBiz instance as shown below.

Once there, edit the register you want to be connected to the Star TSP650II. There is a field located towards the bottom that says “Register Print Mode”. Please change this option from “Browser Print” to “IP Print” as shown below.

The last step is to add the circled IP we obtained from before to the “Printer IP” field. Once you have done this click “Save” and we have now setup the Star TSP650II WebPrint printer.

*Note: As of now, when using IP printers, only the default receipt template will print out.  Any custom receipt templates can only be used on a Browser Print register.

Optional Wifi Pack for TSP650II

Using Star tsp 650 II on Desktop Windows, Mac OSX

Same install as on iPad. Chrome and Safari should work with no additional fiddling. If you plan on using Firefox browser follow the instructions below.

Firefox Windows & Mac blocks the print messages going to the Star 650 as insecure by default. To allow printing using Firefox browser:

  • In the address bar, type "about:config" and press Enter. 
  • Click the "I'll be careful, I promise!" button. 
  • In the search field, type "block_active". 
  • Set the value for the one search result ("security.mixed_content.block_active_content") to "false" by double clicking.
  • That's it - should print now.