Scan or Search for Item


  • Make sure the scan panel is in the 'item' mode  - and the item basket is showing - this is the default mode but if you've changed it you have to change it back.
  • Scan a barcode or enter a SKU,UPC, Item Name, Item Style or Alternate ID and Fused Retail will begin to search for your item as you start to type.
  • You can hit enter at anytime when typing and the system will interpret that as a request to match teh exact string you have entered.
  • If more than one item is located based on what you typed or scanned you will get a list of possible matches to select from just click or touch the item you wish to add to the receipt.

Other Ways of Doing This

  • You can also enter an exit SKU,UPC etc followed by the quantity to quickly add multiples of an item to a transaction. For example you could type 8501,2<enter. if you wished to add the item 8501 with a  quantity of 2.
  • The Quick Pick Panel and Item Find functions can also be used to add items to a receipt.



  • Partial SKU,UPC,Item Name etc. searches using both begins with and contains so a search for '8501' would bring up both 8501323 and 50448501. "Button Up" would return both "RED BUTTON UP JUMPER" and "Button Up Shirt". Searches are case insensitive so upper and lowercase are ignored.

Settings That Affect This

  • No settings affect the Scan Panel item search and scan functions.