In one the latest update Google Chrome browser removed the option to automatically run flash files (.SWF) and currently tutorials can NOT be opened through Google Chrome. In order to use tutorials at this moment we're suggest you to use Mozilla Firefox browser.

Using & Navigating the Quick Pick Panel

The Quick Pick Panel can hold any number of one touch buttons to add a product or service to a sales transaction. The panel is broken into 2 categories Inventory and Services. You can jump between inventory products and service by clicking or touching the inventory and service links at the top of the panel. If you wish to access buttons for other categories the (plus) button will pop the list of categories and touching or clicking them will display all the Quick Pick buttons for that category. The  button returns you to the main inventory/services panels.

Every one of your systems main categories can have buttons assigned to them. You can have buttons assigned to the SKI department, Bikes, Soccer, Hockey, Footwear categories. And buttons for service categories like repairs, deliveries, fittings, assembly, classes and so on.

Frequently sold items and services can be placed in the main inventory and services categories so they are displayed by default. At any 1 time 14 buttons can appear on the screen and the panel scrolls horizontally if you wish to access additional buttons for a given category. 

Adding Items to the Quick Pick Panel

  • Go to Store Operations >> Catalog >> Manage Products
  • Edit the Product you want to add to the QP Panel  and go to the settings tab
  • Check the box for show in QP Panel and select a location. 
  • Save .. that's it.

Additional Information

A product can be assigned to any QP Panel for it's assigned categories so an inventory product assigned to Sporting Goods as a Main Category and Surfboards as a secondary category can be assigned to any 1 of the 3 assigned categories: Inventory, Sporting Goods or Surfboards.  

If you add a picture to the product it will display on the QP Panel.

You cannot sort the order of the QP buttons they will appear in the order you add them to a panel.

You can add a configurable item instead of adding all the simple items and the configurable options dialogue will display after you click the QP button for the configurable item.

Non-Inventory items cannot have pictures added (yet).


Store Operations >> System >> Manage Registers > Edit Register - each register has a default QP Panel Start Point of either Inventory or Services. Choosing the default means the register will begin with this panel displayed and the home key in the QP Navigation will return to this panel.