To change your stock level in MicroBiz

Use Adjust Inventory

  1. Inventory >> Adjust Inventory and create a New Adjustment.

  2. Select the Store location where you wish to adjust the inventory 

  3. ???Select Adjustment Reason Code to either increase or decrease stock

  4. Add items to the adjustment and set the quanity

  5. Save


Create a Supplier Shipment

If you have just received a shipment from a supplier this may be the easiest way to reflect the shipment in your stock levels

  1. Inventory >> Supplier Shipment and create a New Supplier Shipment.

  2. Select the Store location where you wish to receive the shipment 

  3. If you have a Purchase Order you can select the Purchase Order

  4. ???Select Supplier  (if your products have no supplier assigned you can create suppliers and set 'distributor' = yes - this allows you to do a supplier shipment for any product you have using that supplier).

  5. Add items to the shipment and set the quantity

  6. Save


Transfer Stock between Stores

If you are moving goods between stores

  1. Inventory >> Interstore Transfer and create a New Interstore Transfer .

  2. Select the From Store location and the To Store location this will decrease the from store and increase the 'to' store for the goods

  3. Add items to the transfer and set the quantity

  4. Save