Today’s Code Update

Today’s code push contains the long awaited tax inclusive pricing support!  There are settings required to set price display mode to tax inclusive and US customers will still see all prices as tax exclusive. We’ve also added a price rounding rule as well to simplify setting the prices for your products.


  • Tax Inclusive Pricing can be set when creating a product as well as in customer pricing, promotions, store level pricing.

  • Discount Widget at register shows prices as tax inclusive

  • Printed receipts and orders display prices as tax inclusive

  • Tag Print shows tax inclusive price on price tags

  • Receipts, Work Orders and Sales Orders display and print prices as tax inclusive

  • Import Product Updates allows you to import cost, price, UPC and other fields to update existing SKUs.

  • Receipt now has optional customer section. You’ll need to go to your receipt template and add the section and select the fields you want.

  • Customer Imports – import new customers and update existing customers. Documentation here:

  • Price Rounding – set your prices to automatically end in whole numbers or to end in ‘95’ ($49.95) – this works whether your pricing is tax inclusive or exclusive. Rounding up to next dollar is also customizable so you can round up at .40 to the next whole dollar.

  • Canadian nickel rounding – all transaction totals can be set to round to nearest nickel. This setting can also be set to nearest dime etc. to support currency in all countries.

  • To and from store stock balance is now displayed in Store Transfers

  • Bug fix – transfer tools now replaces stock sold in ‘to’ store. Add items is limited to items in stock in the ‘from’ store.

  • Sync fixes to prevent overwriting of brand and product tax class

  • Bug Fix – export tags from product no tag quantities

  • Replacement cost added to Manage Products Gird

  • Purchase Order PO Print out corrections

  • Phone number added to Best Customer report

  • Export Stock Balance from Manage Product Grid

  • Email PO to Supplier

Coming Soon

  • Import products is in testing and being documented

  • Bulk Changes to Products using Manage Product Grid.

  • Additional Magento field sync support for cost, upc, brand and supplier

Magento Server Access

If we were not able to access your server to update your plug in for you we will send you the new plugin sometime later today with instructions for you to install.

Asia/Pacific Customers

These updates will get pushed to Pacific Server Group Monday Night – March 23rd

Important Setup Notes for Tax Inclusive Customers

  • Set Admin Settings >> General Settings >> Company >>Use Tax Inclusive Pricing to yes. Select a default tax store. The default tax store will be the tax inclusive rate shown on the Product General Tab. Store specific rates and prices will show on the prices tab.

  • Set Manage Stores >> Your store >> Store Preferences >> Store Prices are Tax Inclusive 

  • Add Show Tax Inclusive Price to your Receipt Template

  • Check Linked Apps >> Magento API Settings >> Sync Rules tab. ON the bottom right it should show your web site prices are tax inclusive (if it doesn’t email support)

  • Please note most reports still show tax exclusive prices.

If your Magento site catalog has more than 1 product tax class

Any product that does not use the default product tax class defined in Linked Apps >> Magento API Settings:
  • Product Tax class will have to be updated manually in Magento if the product was created in MicroBiz. Product Tax class will have to be updated manually in MicroBiz if the product was created in Magento.
We are working on mapping the tax classes at this time to eliminate this step.

New Products – Setting the Tax Inclusive Price

Once using tax inclusive pricing is active the new/edit product general tab price widget will change and tax inclusive price will also be visible. In the example below the cost is 38.50 and I entered 54%  (GP) initial markup. The rounding rule made the tax inclusive price 99.00 automatically and the retail, tax and GP was adjusted for the rounded tax inclusive price. Of course you can leave rounding off if you’d like and override the retail and tax inclusive retail any way you’d like. You can enter the tax inclusive price directly as well. The tax is calculated using the default tax store in the settings. Individual store prices and tax rates are visible in the Prices tab.