This is the only printer supported to work with MicroBiz Cloud and an iPad. It will also work with from a Windows or Mac computer.  It is typically connected to the network using a CAT5 connection but there is also an optional WIFI pack. 

The current functionality is as follows:

Ip printer will print 1 receipt and open the drawer

Ip printer still does not:

Print signature slips

Print second receipt

Print Close out reports

Print second receipts

Reprint receipt is probably not working ..(we tried it broke some things and it didn’t roll back cleanly)

Print gift receipts

Work order details

Customer check in slips

Does not use the receipt template setup (no logo etc)


To install it please visit http://www.starmicronics.com/support/manual.aspx?printerCode=TSP650II%20WebPRNT for printer documentation and manual. 

Once it is installed you simply conbfigure the register for IP printing and define the IP address of the printer.