Search for Customer


  • Set Scan Panel to Customer Mode by clicking or touching the mode icon  then clicking/touching the customer icon .
  • Enter a phone number, email address, customer id or partial customer name.
  • Exact matches will attach the customer to the transaction. 
  • If more than one record is returned by the search you will get a list to select from. You can choose a customer to add to the transaction or create a new customer if your customer is not found.

Other Ways of Doing This

  • You can use the search icon from the customer panel.
  •  You can use the find customer button from the Action Menu.

Settings That Affect This

  • There are no settings that affect the search for customers however, customers can be defined to have limited 'scope' meaning you can create customers that only exist in some of your stores. The default in Fused creates the customer in all stores but the user can change this in the settings tab of customer maintenance. If you start to create a customer that is out of scope (belongs to another store) or already exists on your Magento site but is not synced to Fused you will get a little pop up asking if you want to expand the scope of that customer. If you answer yes the customer will have it's scope increased to include your current store or it will be synced from Magento.