Today's Code Update

*Important: You will need to clear your browser cache for all the changes to work*

Today’s code push contains some important improvements to the MicroBiz / Magento Sync. We have added the ability to sync Manufacturer UPC, Brand, Supplier, Cost and other fields to the regular product sync. Setup is required (see below). In addition we have added a bulk update in Manage Products and released additional product import tools.


  • Additional Sync Fields - sync Manufacturer UPC, Brand, Supplier, Cost and other fields present in Magento can be mapped in the API settings to sync the values between MicroBiz and Magento.

    See important notes below..

  • Customer Groups, Customer Tax Class, Product Tax Class and Tax rules can also be mapped to make sure customers and products are correctly synced. EU customers can now set reduced rate and zero rate taxes correctly when syncing products.

  • Bulk Updates – Manage Product Grid now has the first of the bulk update features. You can select multiple products from the grid and assign suppliers, enable and disable products and so forth right form the grid. (Bulk update - delay)

  • Product Imports – You can now import simple & configurable inventory products. Most fields are available to import at this time except images. Please use caution as there is no bulk delete or undo for imports. Imports will create categories, suppliers and brands on the fly if they do not exist. Found in Manage Products Grid >> More options  Menu.

  • Import Product Updates – update your upc, supplier, cost, price and other fields included discontinued flag.

  • Delete Products – you can now delete a product from MicroBiz from edit product >> more options. You are given the option of whether to delete in Magento as well.

  • At the front register discounts are no longer lost when transaction placed on hold

  • Out of Stock Warnings – Admin Settings >> General Settings >> Inventory can be set to warn or prevent out of stock items from being sold at the register.

  • Unlink Magento Products Option when disabling MicroBiz products

  • IP Printers can now print service item check ins

  • On Order and Magento Stock Balance added to product inventory tab

Coming Soon

  • Automated Magento Plugin Upgrades

  • Sales Audit Reports (payment audit and sales tax audit)

  • EMV Card Support (North American Customers)

  • Interface to QuickBooks Online

Magento Server Access

If we were not able to access your server to update your plug in for you we will send you the new plugin sometime later today with instructions for you to install.

Asia/Pacific Customers

These updates will get pushed to Pacific Server Group Monday Night – May 11th

*Once you Set up field mappings all new products or edited products will share data in those mapped fields. If you want old products to sync, please send us a support email and we will re-sync those data fields for you.

Important Setup Notes for Field Mapping

Your web site has attributes containing the supplier, brand, cost and UPC already and you want that data to ‘work’ in MicroBiz. You need to map those fields to our system fields.

Mapped fields are slightly different from the fields that ‘just sync’.  Because we don’t know what you may have named your Magento ‘UPC’ field (barcode, ean, manufacturer UPC ?) or your supplier field (manufacturer, Vendor?) we need you to connect your field with our functional field for UPC, vendor etc.  To map your fields to our functional fields is pretty simple.

  • Magento >> Catalog >> Attributes >> edit the attribute and change  Used to Create Field Mapping in MicroBiz to yes.


  • MicroBiz Linked Apps >>   Magento Instance >> Magento Settings >>edit and go to the field mappings tab.


  • Select your Magento field and select a MicroBiz field and click add mapping and Save!

Setup Notes for Tax Mappings

Tax Mappings actually include customer group mappings as well. Since your Magento customer groups and product tax classes may or may not match your MicroBiz once we need you to map these relationships. If for example when you create a product in MicroBiz using product tax class ‘Standard VAT’ you want the Magento product tax class to be ‘VAT 20%’ then map those 2 tax classes and products will be assigned the correct tax class whether you create them in MicroBiz or Magento.

 To map your tax classes, rules and customer groups  is pretty simple.
  • Linked Apps >>   Magento Instance >> Magento Settings >>edit and go to the tax mappings tab.
  • Select a tax rule, product tax class, customer group or customer tax class from Magento and the matching one from MicroBiz customer type and click add mapping.
EU customers will in most cases have Standard VAT, Reduced VAT and maybe Zero Rate VAT to map between MicroBiz and Magento.

US Integrated Charge Customers

Gateway security changes have made it necessary for the keyed card entry screen to open in a new browser tab. This change is effective this morning. Swiped cards process remains the same.