Adjustments to Inventory can be used to change the stock balance either up or down. Your system comes with 2 default adjustment reasons - increase inventory and decrease inventory. You can add more to track activities specific to your business such as adjustments out for charitable donations,consumption, waste, spoilage, shrinkage and so forth.  



  • Store Operations >> Inventory >> Adjustments to Inventory >> New Adjustment
  • Select a store - this is the inventory you are adjusting
  • Select an adjustment reason - usually just increase or decrease the inventory 
  • Add a note if you like
  • Switch to the items tab and start adding items whose inventory you wish to adjust
  • You can scan or type any product ID (SKU, UPC, Name etc) just like the Front Register. You can also use the search function to find and add multiple items. 
  • You can change the qty on each line, delete lines.

  • You can Save as Draft if you are not done editing your adjustment.
  • When you are finished Save will update your inventory levels.

Copy Adjustment

While you cannot edit a Saved Adjustment at this time you can reverse if you need to and make a fresh copy as a draft that you can edit with the copy adjustment function. 


  • Open the adjustment to copy from the Manage Adjustments Grid by clicking the edit icon.
  • Choose Copy adjustment from the more options menu.
  • Change the Adjustment reason and store if you wish and click copy. This will make a copy of the entire adjustment with all its items.

*Important: Keep in mind that this is only increasing or decreasing from the CURRENT stock of the item.  The quantity that you put in is the amount by which you increase or decrease from the current stock. The quantity you put in is NOT the new stock balance the item will have. Example: If I have a quantity of 5 for Red Shoes and I need 2 more, I do not put in the number “7” for quantity, I only put in the number “2” to add 2 more.