Paying with Integrated Credit/Debit



  • Click/Touch Credit or Debit Card 

  • Click Process 

  • Swipe Card (Debit users will be prompted to enter pin)

  • Clerk's screen will display approval or card declined information

  • Click Done

Other Ways to Do This

  • Keyed Entry - if the card can't be read when passed through the mag-stripe reader use Keyed entry and enter the data manually. This pop up is directly on the payment gateway so your store remains outsdie the cardholder data environment.

  • Split Tender - you can change the amount - simply type a different amount other than the full balance before clicking on Process - once the first card is approved you can click/touch credit or debit again and add another card or any other payment type.

Setting that Affect This

  • Store Operations >> Settings >> Manage Registers >> Register >>  Payment Methods defines which payment methods are available on each register.