Discount Reason Report provides a way to review total front register discounts as well as reviewing discounts for each cashier in total and at the transaction level. 

Detail Levels
  • Store
  • Register
  • Register,Cashier
  • Transaction (Receipt ID/Trans Date) ,Cashier

  • Stores –- Select any stores or all
  • Date Range -Standard portlet date range selections.
  • Select Promo –- Select all or any individual promos. Promos have to be active within the report date range selected to be on the list. “all’ implies only promotions active within the date range. 

Report Fields

  • DiscReason - Discount Reason Name
  • %Disc - Total percent discount for all transactions (total qty sold * retail price -selling price) / (total qty sold * retail price) expressed as a percent.
  • $Disc  Total - Discount for all transactions total qty sold * (retail price -selling price)
  • Sold@Disc - Number of items sold at a discount
  • DiscTrans - Number of transactions on which discount reason was applied

Other Options
  • Export CSV
  • Export PDF