·         Audit Reports – Sales Tax Audit detail and Receipt Payment audit detail reports have been added

·         New Receipt Formats – allows you to include SKU on the receipt and provides additional space for long SKU and long product descriptions

·         Language Translation for Payments/Payment Methods on Receipt Template

·         User Defined Custom Payment Types – you can add buttons to the payment panel  - flows through to all register and sales audit reports.

·         User Defined Credit Card Labels in Non-Integrated Charge Cards

·         Help Menu has its own icon in top right of screen

·         Customer Notes now easily accessible from front register transactions

·         Import Fields – user can now define attribute to appear an  optional field in product imports

·         Imports – auto-counter for SKU field

·         Imports – tax Inclusive pricing is now an import option

·         Imports – default delimiter is now comma not tab

·         Line notes print on receipts with ip printers

·         Automated Plugin Updates – your Magento site will indicate when the plugin needs to be updated – we can either push the update automatically or you can use the update function to pull the update.

·         Prompt for automatic reassignment when user deletes or disables categories, customer types, product tax classes

·         Luxury Tax reporting fixes on Register Close Outs

·         Edit/new PO fix to respect user scope

·         Stock Balance no longer shows out of sync with Magento when new order is pending

·         Setting up ip printer now has ‘ping test’

·         COG($) has been added to Sales by Item report

·         Auto Assign SKU – you can now change the admin defaults for product and have the SKU field automatically filled in for you.


Coming Soon

·         EMV Card Support (North American Customers)

·         Interface to QuickBooks Online


Magento Server Access

No plugin updates are scheduled as part of this code push. So there are no changes to your Magento sites.