There are no limits on users in MicroBiz cloud so feel free to add all your clerks and warehouse staff. First we will start out with where you would find the user creation screen. This is done by going into Settings >> Manage Users and Permissions >> Manage Users as shown in the image below.

After clicking on this, you will get a screen as shown below.  Proceed to click on "New User" in order to create a new user for your MicroBiz instance. (screenshot is clickable)

From here you can now fill in the new user's information. The fields marked with a red star are necessary and the others are optional.  Ensure that you create a secure password that your employee can remember. The below image is the screen in which you should be on at this point. (screenshot is clickable)

The "User Preference" menu and "Store Information" menu allow for you to set the default language and stores in which this users log-in will work.

Lastly, the image below depicts the "Role Information" section.  This will allow you to set the level of access that this particular user has when it comes to your MicroBiz instance.  These permission specifics can be set elsewhere in the instance (this is covered in another help topic). Please ensure you select one of these roles and the one most appropriate to this particular users level of access you want for them to have. (screenshot is clickable)