Discount and Items or Items at the Register


  • Click/touch the line or lines on the receipt to discount.
  • From the Action Menu >> Items Panel Click Discount Item.
  • Enter a %off, $off or New Price. The new price is the total package price for all lines selected.

Other Ways of Doing This
  • The Register Discount is only one way of placing items on sale. You can also create a promotion to mark down groups of items automatically at the Front Register. The sale price for a promotion will come up automatically when it is added to the transaction.

Header Level vs Item Level Discounts

  • The general discount can be applied by selecting any group of lines and using line discount or by using the discount function in the action menu  receipt discount. If you apply a header level discount after applying a line level discount the discount is added so if the line level discount is 10% and header level discount is 10% that line will be discounted 20%/ If you have a discount rule (see below under settings) that limits discounts to 15% the header level discount will only be able to increase the discount of a line up to the limit. So if you already did a line level discount of 10% and tried a header level discount of 10% the line would only receive a 15% discount in total as that is the discount limit. 

Settings That Affect This

  • Store Operations >> System >> Admin Settings >> Register >> Discounts settings apply:
    • Allow Discounts (Yes/No) this feature is disabled if discounts are set to No. All sale prices will have to be defined using the promotions feature.
    • Allow discounts on items already on sale (promotional pricing) (Yes/No). Discounts will not be allowed on items already on a promotion.
    • Maximum Register Discount % (1-99) limits the discount the clerk can apply. This % off does not take into count any promotional pricing that may apply.
    • Default Discount Reason - defaults the selected 'reason for discount' in the discount pop up.

  • Catalog >> Manage Product >> Settings Tab 'Do Not Discount' Icon will appear to right of item in Item Grid indicating the clerk may not discount this item. This setting will also prevent the item from being added to a promotion.

Discounts & Promotions

The max discount limit is calculated from the promotional price on sale items. So if a promotion sets the product to 15% off and the max discount is 10% the Front Register discount will be able to discount the item a further 10%. This is different than the way customer pricing is handled below.

Discounts & Customer Pricing

The max discount limit is calculated from the regular retail price when customer pricing has been applied. This does not limit customer pricing to the max discount rate, rather it prevents any discounts in addition to the customer pricing beyond the max discount. So if a customer price sets the product to 15% off and the max discount is 10% the Front Register will not allow any further discounts. This is different than the way promotional pricing is handled above.