Desktops - Overview

Note that the IP printer for iPad also works for desktop nicely and provides superior print quality even from Chrome.

  • Make sure the Printer is installed on your computer (as shown in the above image). Which means you see it listed in Control Panel Printers (Windows 7 & 8) or System Preferences >> Printers & Scanners (iMac OSX)

  • Go to Printer Properties/Settings and make sure
    • The printer is set to default.
    • the paper size reflects your correct receipt paper size (we don't send any printer control commands so the defaults must be correct). Note: the printer size can set in more than 1 place in the printer settings. The image below reflects the most common settings and receipt printer paper size settings.

    • If there is a cash drawer attached check the printer properties for an open drawer command setting and make sure its configured to send the open drawer on before print.
    • 'Apply' or 'Save' to record your changes.
  • Go to Chrome on any page and type ctrl-p to print - the print preview should display the current page. Select your printer in the print dialogue and
    • Set Destination to be your printer
    • The preview of the printout should now reflect the correct receipt size. (Tall and skinny for a 40 column receipt). If it doesn't you've got to go back to the printer properties paper size.
    • Margins to Minimum
    • Uncheck Options: headers and background images
  • You should be ready to go .. When you complete a receipt you should get a print at the end when its saving - click print and you should get your receipt. 

Common Issues

Occasionally, Google Chrome will not pickup on your default receipt printer paper size settings and you will have to set it to the proper receipt paper size one time in the browser when printing.  To do this in Chrome, you hit the "More Settings" button in the print preview and select the correct paper size.  The below screenshot will allow for you to have a little more guidance.

Note: Ensure that "Headers and Footers" located above is not selected as it will cause printing format issues.

Desktop Printer Settings

If you have an older TSP100 series printer you may slightly different settings. If you see a setting called Cash Drawer 1 set it to Open Before Printing. Paper Size settings should look the same.

Star Micronics TSP143 USB (Windows Only)
  • Right Click Printer in Printers Control Panel
  • Click Printing Preferences
  • Click Advanced button (bottom of panel)
  • Paper Size : 72mm x Receipt or 51mm x Receipt
  • Click OK

  • Right Click Printer in Printers Control Panel (again, yes)
  • Click Printer Properties 
  • Click Device Settings Tab

  • Set FRICTION to 72mm x Receipt or 51mm x Receipt
  • Set Peripheral Unit Type to Cash Drawer
  • Set Peripheral Unit 1 to Document Top
  • Click Apply and OK
  • That should do it - but you will probably have to exit your browser and restart it for it to pick up the settings as the default for this printer.

Star Micronics TSP143 LAN
TPG A798 (Windows Only)

  • Right Click Printer in Printers Control Panel
  • Click Printing Preferences
  • Click Advanced button (bottom of panel)
  • Paper Size : Receipt 8in
  • Click Apply

iMac OSX TSP 100 futurePrint USB

Before You Begin

  • You'll need the iMac OSX printer driver for the Star tsp series. Insert CD that came with the printer or download the driver
  • You'll need the admin password for this iMac
  • Register should be set for Browser Print Mode in System >>  Manage Registers
  • Details instructions on installing the driver are included on the cd that came with the printer in the mac folder. A copy is attached to this page as well for download common_tsp_mac_en.pdf

Install Steps

1. Install the Star TSP Driver for iMac

  • Double click the zip file 
  • Click on Mac and CUPS directories
  • double click the starcupsdrv.. zip file
  • It will unzip and open a finder window containing the unzipped starcups folder
  • open the folder and go to the driver folder
  • double click the starcups package (pkg) file

  • This kicks off the install ..continue,continue,install
  • enter the admin password and click OK
  • Close
2. Plugin the USB cable and power on the printer

  • Drop in printer paper and close lid all teh way (error light will go off when lid is fully closed)
  • Connect USB cable between printer and iMac
  • Plugin power cable turn on printer
3.iMac Settings >> Printers and Devices - see if it worked
  • You should see your printer!

4. Fiddle with settings & save them.
  • Print a receipt from MicroBiz Front Register - reprint is an easy way to skip ringing a test receipt

  • When the browser print preview comes up click Print Using System Dialogue

  • Set Paper Size 72mm x 90mmm
  • Click combo that says layout to switch to printer features and set Page Type = variable length
  • Select Feature Set combo and switch to cash drawer to set cash drawer 1 to open (See below)
  • Presets save your current settings as MicroBiz Receipt

5. Update Settings in CUPS
  • open a browser window
  • go to http://localhost:631/printers
  • Select the TSP printer
  • Administration >> Set Default Options
  • Click on Cash Drawer Control (what a nice menu iMac!)
  • Mine said Cash Drawer:Change to open cash drawer 1
  • Click Set Default Options >> it will ask for your login user/password for the iMac
  • Close the browser

iPad Printers

 Star Micronics TSP654 Web Print 

Both Chrome and Safari for iPad can be used with this IP direct print device. To use this feature you need to set the Register Print mode to IP Print (all other printers use the default 'browser print').

This printer is also an excellent printer for the desktop with direct printer the browser 'print dialogue' pop up is eliminated and print quality is improved.

Limitations: To use Firefox browser you set  security.mixed_content.block_active_content to true.

These directions are for the web print model only.

1. Plugin in your Star TSP 650II to the same router your Desktop or iPad Front Register is connected to.

2. Plug into wall electrical socket. Leave printer powered off.
3. Hold the Feed Button located on the front of the printer down - while its down turn the power switch located on the back of the printer on.

4. The printer will print out 2 receipts with it's settings on them. At the bottom of the second receipt is an ip address.

There is a pause between the 2 receipts - don't panic - give it 20 seconds.

5. In MicroBiz Store Operations >> System >> Manage Register Edit your register settings.

    • Set Register Print Mode = IP Print
    • Set Printer IP to ip address on the bottom of the second receipt.
    • Save your register settings

Optional Wifi Pack for TSP650II

Using Star tsp 650 II on Desktop Windows, Mac OSX

Same install as on iPad. Chrome and Safari should work with no additional fiddling. If you plan on using Firefox browser follow the instructions below.

 Firefox Windows & Mac blocks the print messages going to the Star 650 as insecure by default. To aloow printing using Firefox browser:

  • In the address bar, type "about:config" and press Enter. 
  • Click the "I'll be careful, I promise!" button. 
  • In the search field, type "block_active". 
  • Set the value for the one search result ("security.mixed_content.block_active_content") to "false" by double clicking.
  • That's it - should print now.

Apple Air Print  Printers

Most airprint printers are 80 column but any airprint printer should be able to print from the iPad providing you use the Safari browser. Chrome will not work at this time.