You can import items into your inventory adjustments (purchase order, supplier shipment, inter-store transfer coming soon) using a simple csv file with sku and quantity.

Import Format for Inventory Movements

  • comma or tab separated file
  • file name must end in '.csv' 
  • field names - do not matter
  • field order - does not matter
  • required fields: sku, adjustment quanity
  • file can contain other fields 




  1. Create a new Inventory Adjustment from Inventory >> Adjust Inventory
  2. Select a store and adjustment reason code (typically increase or decrease stock)
  3. Go to the items tab and from the action menu >> items select Import CSV

4. Select Model: StockAdjustmentItems,
5. Select Delimiter (Tab or Comma depending on your file)
6. Set checkbox for header if your file has header line
7. Map your file - indicate which field contains SKU and which field contains the adjustment quantity

8. Click Test 
9. Click Import

10. Wait - it may take a few minutes to import your file (probably about 5-10 minutes for a file with more than 500 records)
11. Open your adjustment again - your data is there but it is still saved as 'draft' .. change the status to complete and 'Save' 
12. Your inventory has been adjusted.

 Additional Notes

  • Make sure your numeric quantity values are formatted as integers (so if you want to adjust the inventory up 2 make sure it looks like '2' and not '2.000' - it will be rejected unless the SKU is set to allow fractional quantities.

  • Make sure there are no minus signs or plus signs in front of your numbers -2,+2, <2> will all be rejected.