• You will need the gateway address and client access information provided by sales.
  • Client will need Magtek USB Swipe encrypted for the Gateway. This is an end to end encryption device.
  • Receipt Printer to print credit card signature slips must be visible in the browser. If its not installed correctly - wrong driver etc. it won't print in a 40 column format.
  • These instructions are for Windows or iMac desktop only.

Account Setup Stuff that Should Already be Done by Sales

  • Gateway Settings - We always need the weblink & secure link services on
  • Swipes must be encrypted for the gateway (common encryption is referred to as T-Gate)
  • Gateway Settings - The user has to decide whether they will allow unrestricted returns – the default from the gateway is no – meaning you cannot take a return without referencing the original sale at the front register (we can do this) what it means for the customer in practical terms is
    • You cannot take returns of items sold from your old POS system or a different system (like a wholesale sales system)
    • You cannot take returns of items sold from your web site
    • You cannot take returns of items sold from an expired credit card or different card or payment type than the one you are issuing the refund for

Important Setup Tip! 

  • Make sure the Gateway URL begins https:// and ends with the final '/' or it will not work!
  • Make sure the keyed entry URL begins  https://  and does not end with the final '/' or it will not work!
  • If the customer wishes to do unrestricted returns (returns that do not reference the sale transaction) the gateway has to be set up to support this and you have to enable Unrestricted Returns for each user in Manage Users >> Preferences.

Chosen Payments Examples 

TGate / BridgePay  Examples 


  • Make sure Magtek Swipe is installed - if you have doubts there should be a green light on the swipe (Magtek Magnasafe USB) - you can open Notepad or iMac Notes and swipe a card to see if you get 'stuff'
  • If you need to install the printer driver and do a test receipt print to see if 40 column printing is working and the cash drawer opens.

    In Store Operations >System Tab> Manage Registers

     save image

  • Select and edit the register you are setting up.
    • Change Integrated Payments to TGate GateWaysave image
    • Click on the Integrated Payments Tab on the left where you'll need to enter  the Tgate / BridgePay  User Name, Password and click Test.save image
    • You'll be redirected to a new page that has this on it. save image
    • This is the keyed transaction page. When a card doesn't swipe and you select to key it in or take a phone order this is what you'll use. Close this tab to get back to the register settings.
    • Congratulations, you've successfully set up your integrated processing.
    • Click on Save to finish the set up. 
  • Go to the Front Register and select the register you just set up - if you're already logged in log out and back in.
  • You should see when you hit Pay >> Credit Card the 'Please Swipe Card' prompt
  • Try a charge (I usually have the customer sell something then return it this reverses the charge and tests both functions.
  • Test Keyed Entry - Pay >> Credit Card >> Keyed Entry - fill out charge (use different amount from previous transaction.
  • Do a Keyed Return
  • Done!


Currently the cash drawer will open every time you print so you will get an open on the signature slip(s) and actual receipt. Nothing we can do about it 'right now' (beta 0.7 2014-4-11)

Address to log into TGate and check the customers account https://gateway.itstgate.com/admin/login.aspx

 - credentials are same user/pw you entered in register setup. You can show the customer this as well.