How often do my MicroBiz and Magento servers connect to update data?

About every 5-10 minutes - but the amount of data exchanged it limited to the data your web server can process in that time. We limit the data exchange to about 200 products,customers or inventory messages an hour each way so your web site does not slow down and become unresponsive for your customers.


Can I manually sync my MicroBiz instance and Magento web site inventory?

There is no manual data exchange process.

Can I change the sync frequency of my MicroBiz instance and Magento web site inventory?

There are no user settings for data exchange frequency.

How does MicroBiz set my Magento web site inventory?

MicroBiz over writes your web site inventory with the stock balance in your stores. You can set which store inventories are used to make up your web site stock balance in Linked Apps >> Magento Instance >> Magento API Settings. Edit the Magento instance record and go to the Sync Rules tab. Select the stores you wish to provide inventory for the web site.

Is all customer and product data exchanged between MicroBiz and Magento?

Customer, Categories, Attribute Options, Attribute Sets and most catalog product data is exchanged in both directions between MicroBiz and Magento but there are some exceptions that are expected in the near future. The unsynced data are

  • Bundles and Custom options

  • Virtual products

  • MicroBiz Non-inventory products

  • Magento Cost, UPC/EAN, Brand and Supplier fields

  • Tier pricing, special pricing, promotions, customer pricing

  • Customer groups