• The format will expand and shrink if you are using a 2", 3" or 4" receipt. It will also expand to fill an 8.5 x 11 full sheet page on a laser printer.
  • Max Logo size is 200 x 50 pixels. Anything smaller or larger will be scaled. Best image quality is obtained with a 200x50 logo. png, jpg, gif and bmp are supported.
  • You can create multiple formats if you need to. Receipt format is assigned to your store in Manage Stores >> Store preferences.

  • Receipt Preview on screen - not all your changes to the receipt definition will reflect on the receipt preview. Some fields like store address just show some default text like 123 Main St. Don't worry the placeholder text will be replaced when the real receipt prints.

Settings & Options


  • Template Name - give this format a name like 'New Store Receipt'
  • Font Size - basic text on the receipt 8-12 point fonts.


  • Receipt Title - what prints at the very top like 'Customer Receipt'


  • Logo - optional attach logo - will be adjusted to 200 x 50 pixels so 200 x 50 will give you the best results. png, jpg, gif,bmp will work. Alignment option allos you to print the logo at the top or bottom of your receipt and align it left, right or center.
  • Address - Use store address will print the address you entered in Manage Stores - or you can type in custom text like 'Fisherman's Wharf' Address can be aligned left, right or center. Field sequence '2a' means second header line and a is the first field on that line. Placing a second field on the address line is not recommended as most addresses are too long to share a line.  
  • Date - receipt transaction date select date format and alignment.  Field sequence default is 3a.
  • Transaction ID Prints the receipt number - to cluster 2 fields on 1 line set the field sequence header line the same for instance make the field sequence for the date '3' aligned left and the field sequence for the Cashier ID '3a' aligned right and Date and Cashier ID will appear on the same line.
  • Cashier ID - prints the cashiers Display Name
  • Register ID - Prints the Register Display Name


  • Body Text - controls the item detail on the receipt. You can include the ID (SKU), Item Name, Qty and Price. You also change the way the fields are labeled on your receipt by changing the label in the edit box.

  • Subtotals - you can choose the alignment and change the label 
  • Tax - Show individual Tax Amounts shows the tax per item line. Display Tax Name Line shows the name of the tax rules that apply to each line item on the receipt. Show total tax shows the total tax for the transaction and Display Tax Name Total shows the Tax Rule name on the receipt.
  • Total Discounts - totals all General Discounts and Promotional Discounts. You can change the label to read 'You Saved'
  • Grand Total  - change the label to just 'Total' or 'Amount Due' 

Payment Methods

  • Payment section lets you print payment details on the receipt. You can choose to omit or include information on any payment type.
  • Cash Transaction - Option to display total cash and change
  • Check - print the check number and amount
  • Gift Card - you can print the Gift Card number, Balance and expiration date.
  • Store Credit - you can print the Store Credit number, Balance and expiration date.
  • Card Transaction - prints credit card payments.


  • Transaction Barcode - prints scan-able barcode on bottom of receipt - can be used to locate receipt for returns.
  • Footer Text - anything you want can go hear like Thanks for your Business!
  • Terms & Conditions - another optional footer text for things like 'All returns must be accompanied by Receipt'
  • Email Terms & Conditions - this text only prints on emailed receipts so you can print things like 'bring a copy of this email if you need to return or exchange an item'.