Step One: Confirm Status of Purchase Order Record from Purchase Order Screen

PO must be saved as ‘On Order’ - default PO status is draft (status is on the general tab on the right)

Step Two: Retrieve PO as a Supplier/Vendor Shipment 

From Store Operations Inventory Menu >> Supplier Shipments >> New Shipment

  • ON the Shipment Overview Tab Enter store, supplier and PO number (if you search for the PO the date filters can trip you up note there are start ship and cancel dates and before/after date selections)

Step Three: Confirm or Edit Quantities Received from Items Tab in Supplier Shipment

  • Go to the items tab – receiving is optimistic – your will see under Shipment Qty #/# like 6/6 that means receive 6 of the 6 you ordered.

  • As you edit each line you need only edit lines for which you did not receive the ordered amount

  • You can delete items you did not receive at all from the shipment (they are still on the PO) (or set the qty received to zero if you prefer)

  • On a large PO Save as Draft to save your work periodically.

  • When you’ve got everything checked in and your shipment looks correct you can change the shipment status in Overview Tab from Draft to Completed This will update your inventory


Other Tips you can select multiple lines and set then to an exact qty (if you got 2 of 20 things for which you ordered 4 this is useful)

You can edit the shipment once its complete to correct mistakes – this may be restricted by settings in Admin >> Settings