Sales Tax in MicroBiz Cloud is based on

  • The product tax class

  • The customer tax class

  • Any Tax rates whose jurisdiction (address) overlaps your store

If you have a Tax Exempt Customer make sure they are set to a customer tax class that is not included in any tax rules. In the example below if a customer was using 'out of state' or 'tax exempt' they would not be charged RI tax in the RI store location.

To ring a tax exempt sale make sure the customer on the receipt is using a customer tax class like tax Exempt or Out of State.

You may wish to create a walk in 'out of state' customer if you live on a state border and tracking customers is not important to you.

Create and Manage your customer tax class in Sales >> Manage Sales Tax >> Manage Customer Tax Class

Change the customer tax class in Customers >> Manage Customers >> Edit Customer >> Tax Class (right side)