Front Register Settings

You can set up your register through Settings >> Company/Stores >> Register.

Once you have set up your store, you will need to set up the registers assigned to the store.  MicroBiz uses the concept of 'virtual registers'.  Rather than permanently attaching a register to a physical piece of hardware, such as a computer or a cash drawer, registers are accessed through a login process.  So the 'register' will be tied to whatever computer/drawer is used to log into the selected register.   As a result, you will need to pay attention to which store and register is selected when logging into MicroBiz.

There are a few fields that may require further explanation:

  • Store -  All registers must be assigned to a store.  You cannot assign a register to multiple stores.  As these are virtual registers, be sure to assign the register to the store where it resides.
  • Register Print Mode - Used to determine which method is used to print receipts.  Most users use 'Browser Print' which uses the browser to communicate with the receipt printer.
  • Payment Card Integration - MicroBiz can be used with stand alone payment terminals, or with integrated payments (i.e. payment terminals that light-up and display the transaction amount when a user hits the 'Pay' button in MicroBiz.)  For more information on integrated payments with MicroBiz Cloud, click here.
  • Payment Methods - This setting controls which payment tender options are shown at the front registers when a user clicks on the Pay button.

Troubleshooting: Settings That Affect Register Set-up

  • Check screen resolution. Recommended is 1280 x 1024 or higher.  Minimum is 1280 x 800. 800 x 600 will not display properly. 
  • Check that printer can be seen by browser properly.  If you are using a 40 column printer, the print preview should display 40 columns. If it fails, you should try reinstalling the print driver.
  • Check printer definition.  Options are to open drawer on, before or after print and a paper 'cut'.  Make sure this is set-up properly in the printer properties to match how your drawer/printer operate.   We don't send those commands (yet).
  • Check that cash drawer is attached to printer.  Please note that separate USB/serial drawers are not supported. 
  • Check RAM available to browser.  Best results are obtained when the browser has plenty of memory.  

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