Screen Display

  • Check screen resolution 800 x 600 is no good. Minimum is 1280 x 800. Recommended is 1280 x 1024 or higher. 
  • Check printer can be seen by browser properly - this means if it's a 40 column printer the print preview comes up as 40 column. If it fails re install the driver.
  • Check printer definition if it has an open drawer  on before or after print and a 'cut' make sure they are set in the printer properties we don't send those commands (yet).
  • Make sure cash drawer is attached to printer - separate usb/serial draws are not supported. 
  • RAM available to browser - best results are obtained when the browser has plenty of memory  

Settings That Affect Register Set-up

  • Payment Methods - This setting controls which payment tender options are shown at the front registers when a user clicks on the Pay button.
  • Integrated Payment - MicroBiz can be used with stand alone payment terminals, or with integrated payments (i.e. payment terminals that light-up and display the transaction amount when a user hits the 'Pay' button in MicroBiz.  For more information on integrated payments with desktop PCs, click here.
  • Default QuickPick Position - This controls whether the panel of QuickPick buttons displayed on the front register screen defaults to a panel of Service items or a panel of Inventory items. 
  • Register Theme - There are two different register view formats in MicroBiz.  One is designed for the more square screens of the traditional PC monitor (the Desktop setting) while the other is designed or the elongated screens of an iPad (the iPad setting).  However, you may use either setting on a PC or an iPad.