To set up integrated credit card on an iPad there are a few extra steps beyond what is required on a desktop system. Apple actively prevents the web browser from talking to the iPad hardware in the name of security (thanks, Apple). So we need to download, install and configure the MicroBiz Mobile app on your iPad. This lets the Infinea Tab credit card reader talk to your iPad web browser.

Before You Begin

  • The iPad uses the Infinea Tab credit card reader to handle integrated credit card payments - you need one of those.
  • The Infinea Reader must be encrypted for the correct gateway. Usually Bridgepay,TGate,Chosen Payments. 
  • You should have already set up your gateway account and entered your gateway credentials in Manage Registers. Since you get those credential from us we will usually enter those settings for you.
  • Your Register 'theme' has to be iPad not Desktop. (System >> Manage Registers)

  1. Plug the Infinea Tab into your iPad.
  2. From the iPad App store search for MicroBiz this should bring up MicroBiz Mobile as a search option
  3. Select MicroBiz mobile and click install
  4. Once the Install completes click open
  5. MicroBiz  Mobile will search for the Infinea tab. Once you see the green credit card icon the Infinea Tab has been connected. *You may have to power on the Infinea with the round black button. The 'busy icon will continue to spin - as its looking for your MicroBiz credentials -ignore that for now.
  6. Once the credit card icon is green in the Mobile App - Click the round 'home' key on your iPad.
  7. Open MicroBiz Front Register in your Browser
  8. Ring a test transaction and select credit card as the payment. The Front Register will bring up the MicroBiz Mobile App and update it with your store and register identity.
  9. You will be prompted to click the home key to return to the front register. (see below)
  10. You are ready to swipe a credit card!