Creating a New Product in MicroBiz

When you create a new inventory product in MicroBiz all stores prices and your web site price are set to the retail price on the product general tab. You can override this and set a specific web site price in the Web tab price field. Store prices can be set individually as well in the Price tab

Creating a New Product in Magento
When you create a new inventory product in Magento the MicroBiz price is set to the Store Price on the general tab. If you leave it blank it will get set the same as web price.

Updating a Product in MicroBiz

To update the web price of an item from MicroBiz edit the item and go to the web tab change the price on the web tab and save. To set a special price for an item on the web from MicroBiz go to the Prices tab and change the Special Price field and save.

Other Notes

There is currently no sync between MicroBiz and Magento for Tier Pricing, Customer Pricing or Promotions.