Cash drawer is controlled by the receipt printer driver. Log out of the register and close your browser first when setting the printer drivers. Applies to USB,Serial connections. 

TSP 100 / 143 Steps (Windows)

  1. Windows Start Menu or Control Panel go to Devices & Printers 

  2. Right click on your printer icon and click properties
  3. Click on Device Settings Tab
  4. Set Cash Drawer 1 to Open Before Printing
  5. Click OK
    or if you don't have a Cash Drawer 1 option...

For newer TSP printers you will have different settings

4. Set Peripheral Unit Type to Cash Drawer

Most of these default but  ..

Peripheral Unit 1 Document Top
Cash Drawer 1 - Pulse Width 200 milliseconds
Buzzer 1 - On Time 20 milliseconds
Buzzer 1 - Off Time 20 milliseconds
Buzzer 1 - Repeat 1

5. Click OK


TSP 100 / 143 Steps (iMac OSX Desktop)

  1. Browser open a new window and type in http://localhost:631/printers/

  2. Select your printer model

  3. From the top drop down menu select  Set Default Options

  4. Set Cash Drawer Control to Open Drawer 1

  5. Click Set Default Options

Note: If at step 1 you see "Web Interface is currently disabled.." 


  1. From iMac Application Launcher >> Other >> Terminal
  2. Type cupsctl WebInterface=yes
  3. Close the terminal and try step 1 again