Customer list builder report will give you the ability to build custom reports from a large array of available filters. You will be able to build a report of customers based on things like their birthday, last purchase date, payment types and much more.

For this navigate to "Store Operations" > "Customers" > "Customer List Builder" as shown in the screenshot.

You will navigate to a new page where you can build a new list of customers or open already saved filters.

New Customer List

To build a new list of customers at first you may want to choose filters. For this click on "+New Filter" button to add new drop downs with filters. After click on each drop down to choose the necessary filter for you.

As soon as you have chosen the filter from drop downs, next to them new fields or drop downs will appear to filter the information you are looking for your report.

If by mistake you chose more filters then you need, you can easily close them by clicking on the following button on the right side of the filter.

As soon as you have filtered all the information you need, click on button. 

Now you will have displayed information according to parameters you have entered.

From here you can "Save Customer List" and "Export CSV".

Export CSV

Click on "Export CSV" if you want to export the csv file. After clicking "CSV Export Customer List" window will appear where from you can choose the necessary fields and options you want to export on your csv file. After selecting click on  button. The file will download in your device.

Save Customer List

If you want to save the list click on "Save Customer List" button. A pop up window will appear where you can enter name for the list. After it is entered click on Save button. When it is saved you will see the following massage > "Filter Successfully saved".

Open Saved Filters List

If you want to open saved list or to delete it navigate to "Store Operations" > "Customers" > "Customer List Builder" and click on "Open Saved Filters List". To open the list click on it and after click on "Open Saved List".