Basic Functions of the Front Register

  • Scan Panel
  • Transaction Types
  • Quick-Add Products
  • Last Transaction
  • Quick Picks
  • Action Menu
  • Payment Options
  • Quick Customer Look-up

Let us first take a look at the Scan Panel, Transaction Types, Quick-Add Products and Last Transaction features of the Front Register.

In the picture given above we can see all of these features.  

The first being the Scan Panel.  This editable field will allow you to manually type or scan in information about a product, client, gift card/store credit and more.  

From there, it will pull up a search function to list results similar to what you have scanned or typed. 


The next feature to discuss will be the Transaction Types. 

 Above you will see all of the available transaction types and its associated button.  

Clicking on the icon itself will bring up all of the other transaction types.

1.The first icon is your "Sales Mode".  This is the default and you want to ensure you are in this mode whenever you want to do any sort of sales transaction.  If you are not in this mode and attempt to search for items, they will not appear. In addition, while in this mode the icon directly to the right of the "Sales Mode" icon will allow you to quickly add a new product for sale.

2.The second icon is your "Customer Look-up".  This will allow you a more extensive search function than the quick search function located on the main register screen that we will discuss later. Here you can look for a client by Client ID, First Name, Last Name, E-Mail, Phone Number and more. In addition, while in this mode the icon directly to the right of "Customer Look-up" will allow you to quickly add a new client.

3.The third icon is your "Transaction Look-up".  This will allow you to search for certain receipts you may need to pull up again in the future. In addition, the icon directly to the right of "Transaction Look-up" will allow you to quickly hold the current transaction to complete it at a later date/time. 

4.The fourth icon is your "Gift Card Search".  This will allow for you to pull up gift cards you have created for sale or to view a balance and more.

5.The fifth icon is your "Store Credit Search".  This functions the same way as the previous "Gift Card Search" function that was discussed.

6.The sixth and final icon is the "Price Check". This will allow you to check price by the same functions you may look-up a product in "Sales Mode".

 This final icon will actually allow for you to search through the most recent "Last Transactions".  It will only go back a few transactions and pull them up for you to see but it is very handy for quickly getting back to where you were moments before.

Quick Pick Panel

This area of the Front Register is your Quick Picks section.  This area allows you to quickly add common items that are sold at your store.  You can select which items and categories you want to show up on the Quick Picks section in the item catalog which we will go into in a later article.

Action Menu

The Action Menu gives you a large array of functionality when it comes to various Front Register functions. As you can see in the picture above, it allows you to: control many aspects of your register, make changes to receipts or complete returns/voids, locate and modify items (delete an item, check stock, gift receipt, etc..), and find or add new clients.

Payment Options

Once you click on the "Pay" button in the bottom right hand corner of the Front Register, the above screen will show up.  Here you can see there are various methods of paying for merchandise/services.  In addition, you can also split tender here.  This is done by simply clicking on a payment option, putting in the payment amount and then clicking done.  This will leave a remainder balance if there is any and from there you can pay with another source if the client prefers to split their payment.

Selecting the Gift Card or Store Credit will allow you to scan or type in the Gift Card/Store Credit Number.  If utilizing a Store Credit, you must have a specific client added to the transaction.  Otherwise, it will prompt you to add one.

Cancelling A Payment Option: If you have already selected the amount and want to cancel the payment and possibly use another payment method, simply hit the Trash Can icon twice.

Quick Client Look-up

This feature allows you to quickly search and add a client onto a transaction.  You can search for clients here by name, phone number, email and more.  It is required to add a client to a transaction for any store credit purchases and is good practice to add a client to every transaction regardless of whether or not it is related to store credit or not.

Emailing a receipt

To do this, you simply add the the client's email address and click on the orange printer button located next to the Pay button to change the receipt mode to E-Mail.


Taking Payments

For Integrated Charge on iPads, click here.

For Integrated Charge on desktop PC's, click here.

Hold, Cancel, Reprint, Gift Receipts

  • Placing a Transaction on Hold

  • Recall Holds

  • Delete Holds

  • Cancel Transaction

  • Reprint Receipt

  • Printing a Gift Receipt

Lock, Release,  Logout

  • If you need to step away from the register and don't want anyone messing about with it - use Action Menu.

  • Release Register - disconnects you from the register so someone else can login and use the same register - but does not log you out - it sends you to teh Store Operations menu. 

  • Logout from the register both releases the register and logs you out of the application.

Close/Open the Register

  • Quick Close Out

  • Regular Close Out

  • Open Register


  • Referenced Return - 

  • Non-Referenced Return

  • Exchange

  • Store Credits - store credits cannot be issued to the 'Walk In' customer. You need to select or create a customer record to issue a store credit. The name is all that is required for this.