Sales by Sales Person provides sales and profits generated for each sales person. Note that the sales person defaults to the cashier at the Front Register, but you can change the sales person for each receipt line in edit line.

Detail Levels
  • Sales Person (all stores)
  • Sales Person, Category (all stores)
  • Store, Sales Person, Category

  • Stores - select any individual store, any group of stores or all of your stores.

Report Fields

  • Sales ($) - Tax exclusive net sales.
  • GP ($) - gross profit - selling price minus average cost.
  • MD ($) - mark downs - regular retail price minus selling price. 
  • COG ($) - cost of goods 
  • Sold - net units sold 
  • Total Sales (%) - percent of total sales ($) for the report .. so if the total sales for the report are $1000 and you sold $50 worth of hats - hats are 5% of sales.


Other Options
  • Export CSV
  • Export PDF