Return an Item

By Looking Up the Original Transaction

  • Change the Scan Panel Mode to Transaction and scan the barcode at the bottom of the receipt being returned. Or use the search function and search by customer name, email, date, receipt id.
  • Click/touch the receipt and click the "Open Transaction' Button
  • Select the items to be returned and click Return Items in the Action Menu >> Items Panel.
  • Click/Touch the 'Refund' button if you are done or add additional items to the transaction if the customer wishes to purchase something.
  • When refunding the customers purchase you will be given a choice of the original payment type (cash,check) and store credit. If the customer paid by check and the the register batch of the original transaction is still open Fused will ask if you still have the original check to return.

Other Ways of Doing This - Simple Return

  • Add the item to be returned or exchanged to the sales transaction like you would any other item by scanning, entering the SKU, UPC or searching for the item.
  • Click/Touch the item on the transaction and and click Return Items in the Action Menu >> Items Panel.
  • On a transaction where the store owes the customer money the 'Pay' button will say 'Refund'. If the customer owes the store money the button will say 'Pay' On an even exchange the button will say 'Save' and no payment will be required.

Settings That Affect This

  • Store Operations >> System >> Admin Settings >> Regsiter >> Refunds
    • Allow Cash Refund on Checks - allows the clerk to refund cash for a transaction
    • Allow Cash Refund on All Payment Types - allows the clerk to refund cash for credit cards, checks, cash, Gift Cards etc.
    • Prompt on Refund of Check - will ask Clerk if check is available to be returned only if the check was taken during the same regsiter 'batch' (open/close cycle).
    • Return Item Without Referencing Sale Transaction - allows the clerk to perform a simple return.
    • Refunds - Store Credit Only on Returns - limits the refund to a store credit no other refund payment will be allowed.

  • Catalog >> Maintain Item >> Settings Tab Accept Returns - this can be unchecked for items like bathing suits that cannot be legally returned to a store.Items flagged as 'non-returnable' will have a little flag icon on the right side of the item on the Front Register screen.

  • Can I return a sale from another store - Yes!
  • Can I add mix sales and returns on the same transaction - Yes!
  • Can I return a Web Sale - Yes but you can't look it up in the transaction search. Use the Simple Return/Exchange function for this.
  • How do I refund a sale that was a split tender - don't worry the Payment Panel will walk you through the process showing you which payment types you are allowed and the max you can refund for that payment type.