Field mappings are used to connect MicroBiz system fields to various Magento fields that may or may not be in use. These are optional connections (unlike SKU or Product Name). So they require a moment to set up intially afterwards data will be exchanged automatically for you.

Fields Users Typically Map

  • Cost
  • Supplier/Manufacturer/Vendor
  • Brand
  • Weight

Important Note

  • The attribute being mapped has to be included in attribute sets you have linked to MicroBiz. 
  • Once you set up field mappings all new products or edited products will share data in those mapped fields. If you want old products to sync – please send us a support email and we will resync those data fields for you.


  1. Check the attribute to mapped in Magento (admin Panel >> Catalog >> attributes) Make you you set  Apply To to include Simple Items

      ..and set Is Used to Create Field Mapping in MicroBiz to yes.

  2. From Magento go to any attribute set that uses that attribute and click Save.
  3. From MicroBiz Integrations >> Magento >> Connection Settings edit the instance settings and go to the Field Mappings tab.

  4. Select your Magento attribute and select the MicroBiz system field to link to it.
  5.  Click Add Mapping and Save
  6. When prompted Sync all attributes sets using the mapped attribute. If you are mapping more than 1 attribute field - only sync the attribute sets once when you complete the final mapping. Attribute Set sync can take several minutes per attribute set.