Some folks call these 'Beat Last Year' reports but really you can compare days, weeks, months and the whole year not just against last year but last week and last month - even yesterday. A good way to focus on whether sales are stronger or not the report has a built in 'Win' calculation that lets you set a goal to beat last week by 5%. Current sales per day and average transaction size are used to calculate your projected sales which are displayed next to your desired 'Win'.

PP means Prior Period and is used to display data for the period being compared to the current period.

Days elapsed, Day remaining pertain to the current period. So if you are comparing this month to last month you may have 20 days 

elapsed with 10 days remaining in the month.

Detail Levels
  • Store


  • Stores - select any individual store, any group of stores or all of your stores.

Report Fields

  • PP Sales ($) - Net Sales for the prior period.  
  • Sales ($) - Net Sales for the current period.
  • PP Avg Tran ($) - Prior period average transaction size.
  • Avg Tran ($) - Current period average transaction size.
  • PP Receipts - Number of transactions in the prior period.
  • Receipts - number of transactions in the current period. 
  • Proj Sales ($) - Projected sales . Current Sales ($) + (Avg Sales Per Day in the current period * remaining days) - this is how you will end the current period at the current rate.
  • Proj Receipts - Projected number of transactions for the current period - current receipt count + (avergae number of receipts per day * remaining days)
  • Win Sale ($) - If you use the desired win % it will take the prior period results and multiply by the percent win. If you did $2500 last week and you want to beat it by 10% your Win Sale ($) would be $2750.
  • Win Receipts - How many receipts will be required at your current average receipt to meet your Win goal.

Other Options
  • Desired Win
  • Export CSV
  • Export PDF