You can run this report monthly to see what you need to remit to your sales tax agency. If you need to you can see the individual rate detail.

Detail Levels
  • Tax Rates

  • Stores �- Select any stores or all
  • Date Range - Standard portlet date range selections.

Report Fields

  • Taxable Sales - Net total sales for all Tax Rules selected.
  • Non-Taxable Sales - Non-taxable sales for the same store/period.
  •  Total  Sales - Taxable plus non-taxable sales.
  • Tax Due - Amount of sales tax collected on taxable sales.

    Tax Rate Details

  • Tax Rule - Rule that applied the tax rate to the transaction. Rules consider customer, product and tax jurisdiction in location of sale.
  • Store - Store name
  • Sort - Tax rules first level sort order in how taxes are applied. This allows user to control the sequence in which taxes are applied and allows for compounding of taxes in certain jurisdictions
  • Priority - Second level sort after Sort.
  • Taxable Sales - amount of net sales to which rate was applied in report time period.
  • Tax Rate - Tax rate.
  • Tax Due - Amount of tax collected under the rule and rate.

Other Options
  • Tax Rate Details - Shows detail section
  • Export CSV
  • Export PDF