Sales Trending report shows the monthly sales for the previous 9 months. The 9th month is always the current month in progress.

Report Data Fields

  • Sales ($) - Net sales for the month.
  • LY Sales ($) - Net sales for same month in the prior year. Only displays if Show Last Year Sales option is checked. 
  • Sales - Units sold during the month.
  • GP ($) - Gross profit during the month.
  • MD ($) - Markdowns during the each month.
  • Sell Thru (%) - Percent of average stock sold for each month. This is sales of inventory items only. Sales ($) / Average Inventory Retail ($)
  • Dead Stock Cost ($) - Current value of items that were completely unsold during the period.


Report Level of Detail

  • Store
  • Store,Category
  • Category Supplier
  • Store,Category,Supplier