Scan Codes Needed to Set Up

Scanner Setup Steps

  1. Turn on the Socket Mobile Bluetooth Scanner by pressing and holding the small power button until the LED turns blue and the device beeps twice.
  2. iPad only scan the iOS Mode barcode available in your Socket Mobile manual. iMac and Windows Desktop do not need this step. 
  3. Pair the scanner with the device:

Pairing Scanner with iPad

  • iPad Settings -> Bluetooth
  • You should see your scanner listed Socket ...(etc. varies by model)
  • Select it
  • Done!

Pairing Scanner with Android Tablet (Android No Longer Supported)

  • Download  (free) SocketScan™ 10 keyboard wedge software (free on Google Play)
  • On your Tablet >> Settings >>Controls >> Language and Input
  • Check Socketscan 10 under Keyboards and Input Methods

  • Scan the setup sheet barcode for SPP Mode (#FNB00F40000#)  
  • On your Tablet >> Settings >> Connections >> Blue Tooth 
    • Make sure Bluetooth is on
    • It should say searching then when you see Socket CHS select it
  • It should now say Socket CHS Paired in your blue tooth paired devices
  • Now go to the SocketScan 10 App
  • It will have a warning that you need to enable Socket 10 as your input method click the Back button.
  • Press and hold the menu button (hardware button to left of home key)
  • Touch Input Method and Select Socketscan 10 keyboard
  • Press and hold the menu button (hardware button to left of home key)
  • Touch Socket EZ Pair and Select your scanner from the list
  • Select Method Bluetooth or if using a 2D scanner use on screen.
  • If it asks you to scan the barcode (if you have a 2D scanner) do it!
  • It will say Pairing Complete - whew! Done!    


  • Try scanning the set defaults barcode. If you're using an iPad don't forget to rescan the iOS Mode barcode again.