Configurable inventory items are used when the product comes in multiple variants. The most common use variants are sizes, like small,medium,large. Configurable items are used when the inventory is maintained for the variants. For example in the golf shirt below we track stock by the variants which are simple products linked to the configurable parent product for the shirt. 

Nike Golf Shirt $78.95
Blue - Small 4
Blue - Medium 6
Blue - Large 4
Gray - Small 8
Gray - Medium 16
Gray - Large 8
Total Stock 46

  •  MicroBiz provides a simple way to create all simple product variants for a configurable product. By selecting all the variant options required the simple variants are created and attached to the configurable parent automatically.
  • SKU,UPC,Alternate ID,cost and price can all be set individually in each simple item. 
  • You can decide to show or hide simple variants by setting Make Simple Items Visible in the configurable parent product settings tab.

  • Simple Variants of a configurable parent have a back to parent button that takes you to the parent product record.


Click New Product Catalog >> Manage Products >> New Product
Select an attribute Set
  • Choose inventory product
  • Configurable product
  • Select an attribute set
Select Configurable attributes Each attribute set can have any number of configurable attributes - choose the attributes you want such colors,or sizes
Select Configurable attribute options Select the options for this product - such as x-small,small,medium,large etc and red,yellow,pink.
Click Continue Continue will bring you to the edit product screen.
Fill in product details like product name, SKU, cost, price, supplier, categories Price and SKU and product name are all that are required most of the rest will default or can be left blank but assigning the cost is good idea if you wants to see gross profits and cost of goods on your reports. If will be receiving supplier shipments in MicroBiz you may want to assign a main supplier.
Click Save or Save and Continue Save to begin creating products and exit. The products may take a few seconds or a few minutes depending on how many simple products need to be created in the background.
If you'd like to change the SKU or add a UPC Go to the alternate ID tab in the configurable parent, you can enter all alternate id's for all simple variants from there.
If you'd like to change the cost or price on the simple items You can jump to the simple variants by double clicking on it in the associated items tab of the configurable parent.

If you missed a size or color or other variant when you first created the product

  • Open the Configurable Parent Product
  • Go to the associated items tab 
  • On the right near the top click the Add Simple Variants button.
  • Select the additional options and click Save

Your additional simple products will be added.

Using attribute roles

If you go to manage attributes and assign a role to an attribute your attribute will be listed in the combobox under its assigned role:color,size,subsize. Attributes with no role assigned are listed underneath the 3 role combo-boxes. 

  • If an attributes has a roles of size or subsize all options are selected by default.
  • color and no role - none are selected by default.