Closing your cash drawer does not need to happen every day. You can close it every day or you can leave it open for as many days as you wish. It is however a good idea to close it, count your cash and have a an audit point to check your funds your credit card processor has deposited to your bank account. The close out can happen one of two ways - the quick close is designed to allow you to close the drawer without counting the money. It's useful when you want to quickly take your cash drawer off the sales floor and 'into the back' for security reasons. Cash Count on a quick close is entered afterwards in Store Operations >> Manage Register Batches. The Full Close out let's you count everything before hitting the 'yes' to close the batch. 



Open Register

There really aren't any steps to opening the register. If the register is closed and you navigate to the register the register will be opened automatically. If you have set the Store Preferences option to Allow Cash Drawer Opening Balance to yes you will be asked to enter the cash drawer opening balance when the drawer is opened. The drawer opening balance can be defaulted to prompt the amount you typically keep as change in your cash drawer.

Quick Close

  • Action Menu >> Register >> Close Register
  • Click 'Quick Close' Check Box and Click Close Register button.
  • Later you can go to Store Operations >> Sales >> Manage Register Batches
  • Navigate to your close out and Enter your Cash Count (orange button to the right)
  • Save your Cash Count  

Full Close

  • Action Menu >> Register >> Close Register
  •  Enter your Cash Count
  • Save your Cash Count  
  • Your reports will print. 

Cash Count Details

if you've entered an opening cash drawer balance the cash count assumes you are entering all the cash in the drawer so both the net cash payments on sales and the cash drawer opening balance - plus or minus paid in and paid out amounts. It will display additional detail once you enter your count showing the opening drawer balance and the net cash receipts form the day's activity.