Setting up Different Prices for Configurable Variants

MicroBiz Only 

We'll assume you already have the attribute options you need for this. In the example below I have an attribute called Bottle Sizes with options 8oz,16oz and 32 oz…
  • Create configurable item using this as a configurable attribute.
  • Enter the product description, sku, cost, price etc. here enter the price for the smallest or largest product it doesn’t matter – we will override the cost and size in the simple products in a minute.
  • Once you added things like supplier, and anything
  • If you want to replicate this product to the web site make sure you set Sync to Magento = yes

Save will make 4 products 

The configurable product and a simple 8oz , 16 oz and 32 oz product

  • Go back and edit your configurable product and go to the Associated Items tab .. click on 16 oz and edit the simple variant product 
  • In the General Tab change the cost and price to the correct value. 
  • In the  Web Tab and change the web price to the correct value. 

click save and continue and click Back to Parent Item to return to parent SKU

change the cost and price on the the 32 oz and so forth

As Integrated With Magento

Go to Magento configurable parent >> associated items tab

Change the Super Products Attribute Config to reflect the correct pricing in Magento ...

(Sorry for the extra steps we are working to simplify this)